The most successful brands all share these attributes. Their iconic innovation inspires love, desire, and life-changing habits. These are the brands changing their target market's lives, given permanent status on key retail partners' shelves, and perennial glossy presence. 

Your brand is just as infatuating, lust-worthy, and disruptive as any other on the market.

Let's introduce the industry's next soulmate,  and craft an enduring love affair.

Alicia’s talent is finding special, unusual brands and giving them the attention and care generally afforded bigger, better-known brands, without sacrificing their identity.
— Harper's Bazaar, Deputy Beauty Director


(KAY-LOHS-OPHEE) - From the ancient Greek word KALOS, the quality of outer beauty as reflecting inner - and SOPHIA, wisdom.

We are a full-service branding, marketing, sales management and public relations firm specializing in life's essential luxuries.  We offer a variety of targeted packages to meet the needs of your brand. From strategy to execution, your brand will grow wings and take flight as high - and higher - than you and your investors even imagined.

Alicia and team have been such a pleasure to work with. KALOSOPHIE has a great niche portfolio and are very passionate about the brands and the products behind them. Great communicators and always willing to find the best assortment for you.
— Neiman Marcus, Beauty Buyer


With over 20 years in business development, sales account campaign and management, strategic partnerships, and high-level media campaigns, the KALOSOPHIE team has a passion for developing and executing branding, sales, marketing, public relations and launch strategies for innovative companies poised for global success.

KALOSOPHIE's elevated retail and media distribution network includes Selfridges Group Ltd., Nordstrom, Inc., Neiman Marcus Group, J.Crew Group, Inc., URBN Inc., Goop, Hudson’s Bay Company, MECCA, Target Corp., Loblaws, Condé Nast Publications, Hearst Corporation, SAY Media, Rogers Publishing LTD., Transcontinental Media, Maclean-Hunter, Fairmont and Les Éditions Jalou.