As a young company we realized, once we found Alicia, how little we actually knew. She has provided much needed advice at every step of our growth, and has done so with amazing grace, kindness, and patience. We highly recommend Alicia Read and her company, Kalosophie, for any business seeking an expert at all aspects of operating a business.
— FRENCH GIRL, Founder

ALL FOR ONE, OR ONE FOR ALL.                               


Your brand has everything it needs to be loved. But who will buy and covet, how will it change lives? Together we'll unveil your brand's identity - its language, its look, its taste. We'll discover its market. And from there, we'll craft its communications: more than ever the experience of your brand is essential, and KALOSOPHIE specializes in developing inspiring, unique and eloquent word, web, image and social expressions that are as genuine as your brand is completely thrilling.  

A terrific brand partner, as well as a resource for emerging brands within the clean beauty space.
— goop, Beauty Buyer


You've created the next "IT" brand. Now you need prime positioning and sell-through, growth and sustainability. Whether the goal is to expand domestically, globally, or become acquired, KALOSOPHIE  builds and executes strategic campaigns within targeted sales channels.*

KALOSOPHIE is able to turn successful partnerships into long-lasting relationships. Alicia is truly a gem to work with!
— Holt Renfrew, Beauty Buyer


Make news. Make headlines. Grab attention, stay connected. Print, television media and blogger relations, and influencer and social media campaigns are essential to any organization seeking exposure. KALOSOPHIE specializes in developing and growing meaningful relationships with your target consumer via the right outlets, and its own elevated distribution network.  


KALOSOPHIE tailors custom packages to suit your needs, from all-for-one combined programs to one specific service.





*Packages may also include Canadian and American regulatory paperwork for importation purposes.